• Production

    With VDM Productions, we offer a full in-house production service. Whether you are working on a large budget commercial, or a quick, low cost corporate shoot. Our team will bring as much creative flare and attention to detail to every project. As still and video marketing continues to grow, more and more companies are using still and video to promote their business. Thanks to the this giant online platform, businesses of all sizes can promote themselves on the same channels as international businesses.

    No longer do you need a massive marketing budget to promote your product or service all over the world! Stills and videos no longer cost the earth and can be accommodated to suit any budget. All businesses can now afford to market through stills and video.

    We provide the complete service which includes everything including, location scouting, models, make-up, styling, permits, catering, hotels, flights etc. Everything that gives the client peace of mind.

    Please get in touch to find out how our video production team can work on your next project.